Study Tour of East Jerusalem

Ir Amim’s study tours provide a ground level exposure to East Jerusalem, creating a platform for critically assessing the notion of Jerusalem as the “eternal, undivided capital of Israel” and understanding the city’s fundamental role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The tour route runs through East Jerusalem neighborhoods and utilizes key observation points to provide context for understanding how developing facts on the ground impact the future of a secure, democratic Israeli state. Tours focus on Israeli policy related to the separation barrier, government construction plans in East Jerusalem, Israeli settlements and national parks built in the hearts of Palestinian neighborhoods, the legal status of East Jerusalem residents and policies impacting the Palestinian community.
The meeting point is at the parking lot of Gan Hapa'amon in Jerusalem. The tour starts at 9:30 and lasts about four hours. It is given free of charge and there is no need to bring private vehicles to the tour. It is recommended to bring water, food and head cover.   

In the event that you cannot make it to the tour please let us know about it by e-mail to as soon as you can.  


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