"Your precious work makes me a little bit more optimistic about the future of this land. "
"Our time with Ir Amim gave us an immense amount of insight and thought-provoking material through which to view Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a whole new light and we are truly grateful to [our tour guide] for his time, patience and for the engaging dialogue we had with him. "
"I just wanted to thank your organization for putting on such an interesting tour of East Jerusalem today. Your guide was excellent and very balanced in his approach to the complicated issues surrounding Jerusalem. "
"It was an eye opening experience, especially since I lived in Jerusalem for one year, within walking distance of East Jerusalem and was oblivious of its existence. The commentary was intelligent and highly informative. "
"I really want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to participate on the Ir Amim tour today. It was an incredible experience. I have been on a number of tours and programming initiatives related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (ranging from extreme right-wing to extreme left-wing) and I consider this to have been my best experience. "
"     As a former resident of Jerusalem (in the 80s) I am often discouraged by the changes I see happening, but hearing about some of the very important work Ir Amim is doing gives me a ray of hope that things can change for the better once again. I will try to keep hopeful. "
" My husband and I are so glad  we had the opportunity to join this tour and the guide was fabulous - informative, engaging, and so open to questions and discussion of the difficult issues presented. Being able to see some of the regions of Jerusalem particularly impacted by Israeli policy and security concerns - especially the separation barrier - really drove home how these changes are affecting both sides of the divide, for better and worse. "
"This was one of the highlights of my Israel vacation. the instructor is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. I learned so much from the 3 hours with him. Please pass on my praise and thanks to him.   ...   "For anyone wanting to delve a little deeper into the Israeli/Palestine issues and to appreciate some of the complexities involved your tours are excellent." "
" You think you know a lot about Jerusalem but I was in places that are 15 minutes from where I used to live [Rehavia] and had never been to. "

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From Jaffa gate to Silwan: The old City
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