Keeping the Peace on the Temple Mount / Haram al-Sharif During the Jewish High Holiday Period


A. Introduction

In recent months, the Israel Police has maintained the pattern of operations at the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif on which Ir Amim reported during Passover.[1] Police have refrained from imposing collective restrictions on the entry of Muslim worshippers while at the same time increasing the number of Jewish visitors permitted to enter the Compound. In the absence of collective restrictions on the entry of Muslims, it has been for the most part possible to maintain the fragile peace. When clashes do erupt between Muslim activists and Temple activists and police forces, they quickly dissipate without the severe violence that attended the imposition of collective entry restrictions on Muslim worshippers during the fall and winter of the past two years.

Alongside the relative peace and maintenance of the status quo, both Muslim and Jewish activists and organizations continue to voice opposition to the prevailing situation. Muslim activists oppose the increase in the number of Jewish visitors while Jewish activists resist prohibitions against Jewish prayer on the site and continue to actively encourage their supporters to increase the volume of visitors as a strategic challenge to the status quo. more