Dangerous Liaison Supplement 4

The Temple Mount / Haram al-Sharif: Threats to the Status Quo
December 2014 – January 2015 (Issue 4)
This update, the fourth in a series of supplements to Ir Amim’s comprehensive report, Dangerous Liaison: The Dynamics of the Rise of the Temple Movements and their Implications, provides detailed information regarding the ongoing erosion of existing arrangements on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif.
As described in the previous update[1], the escalation in violence surrounding the Temple Mount, as well as international pressure by the United Sates and Jordan, forced Prime Minister Netanyahu to break his prolonged silence and act publicly to restrain the Temple movements. An important outcome of Netanyahu’s intervention has been a near stop to public political pressure to change the agreements on the Temple Mount which for more than two years has been mounted by MKs and the government. The dissolution of the Knesset was another important factor.
As a result, violence and tensions regarding the Mount have gradually subsided and access restrictions imposed on Muslim worshippers have mostly been lifted. A significant indicati...read more