East Jerusalem in the Shadow of War

The war in Gaza, which broke out after the attacks of October 7th, has had severe and immediate consequences on East Jerusalem as well. The discrimination, oppression, and violation of human rights to which Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem were already subjected to during regular times worsened dramatically.
In a new report published on the six-month mark of October 7th, Ir Amim, ACRI: The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Emek Shaveh, and HaMoked: Center for the Defense of the Individual present original data and information on the impact of this period on East Jerusalem Palestinians.
The report shows all areas of life have been significantly affected. Restrictions on movement, including blockades on entire neighborhoods; an increase in aggressive and violent policing; serious violations of freedom of expression in academia, the public sphere and on social networks; unprecedented restrictions on Muslim entry into the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif; the establishment of armed civilian groups within ideological settlements inside Palestinian neighborhoods; a severe employment crisis and growing food insecurity; the acceleration of home demolitions; the expansion of settlements and tourist settlement projects have all deeply harmed Palestinian residents and the prospect of a shared and egalitarian Jerusalem. Added up, these measures paint a very alarming picture of the present and future of the city. 
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