Demolitions in East Jerusalem - 2021 Annual Summary

In 2021, 134 housing units along with 103 non-residential units (i.e. stores, warehouses, etc.), comprising a total of 237 structures, were demolished in East Jerusalem. These statistics are similar to those of 2020, when 144 housing units along with 72 non-residential units were demolished.
In 2021, 94 housing units were self-demolished - that is, carried out by the homeowners themselves. This constituted 70% of the total housing units demolished. The remaining home demolitions were carried out by the authorities (a total of 40 housing units). In comparison with 2020, this reflects a near-doubling of the amount of housing units demolished by the authorities in 2020 (22 housing units).
The scale of demolitions in East Jerusalem skyrocketed following the full implementation of Amendment 116 to the Planning and Building Law at the end of 2018. 
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