Details of Court Decision in Sheikh Jarrah Eviction Case

August 13, 2021
On August 10th the four Sheikh Jarrah families submitted their response to the court following its decision after last week's hearing of their appeal. On August 11th the Supreme Court published a decision which reads:

           "Without responding to the new documents which the appellants have submitted to the court together with their response on August 10th, and since the details of the appellants have been submitted, we ask the respondent (i.e. Nachalat Shimon which is demanding the eviction) to state by September 5th  its position regarding the appellants – or some of them – in regards to the court's proposal to view the appellants or some of them as first generation 'protected tenants'."

The court's decision demonstrates once again that currently the judges are very much focusing on their proposal of protected tenancy and are reluctant to consider other issues; Certainly, it does not seem that the judges are currently willing to address the root of the problem which is the Israeli government's ignoring of the rights afforded to the Palestinian families on the homes the Jordanian government built for them in the 1950's. Ir Amim's previous alert pointed to the fact that "protected tenancy" status will not prevent Nachalat Shimon from acting to evict the families.

As of yet the Sheikh Jarrah families have not made public the content of the response they submitted to the court on August 10th.
From the court's decision we can understand that:

  • As required by the court's decision from August 3rd the families submitted a list of family members residing in the homes.
  • The families also submitted new documents which currently the court did not ask the respondents to take into consideration. Ir Amim does not know to say the content of these documents.
The next step therefore is for Nachalat Shimon to respond.
Ir Amim will continue to update with new information and developments.