UPDATE: Supreme Court Postpones Hearing On The Pending Evictions Of Four Sheikh Jarrah Families

09 May 2021
Today, the Supreme Court formally deferred the hearing scheduled for tomorrow on the pending evictions of four families in Sheikh Jarrah following an official request submitted by the Attorney General of Israel. According to the letter, the Attorney General requested a postponement of the hearing to allow him time to weigh his potential involvement and input in the legal proceedings. In order to do so, he requested to review all case material and arguments of both sides. Along with his written request, the Attorney General submitted a sealed envelope with expert opinions of relevant professionals and policymakers concerning these proceedings in light of the sensitivity and weightiness of the matter at hand.
In response to the request, the Supreme Court deferred the hearing for at least 30 days, extending the stay of execution on the District Court ruling from February, which authorized the evictions of the Askafi, Ja'uni, Abu Hasna, and Al-Kurd families in favor of settlers.
Given the immense international attention and media awareness that this issue has garnered both locally and globally, it is critical to capitalize on this narrow window of time to prevent these measures of mass displacement from ultimately being carried out. 

For further details concerning the cases in question, please refer to Ir Amim's previous alert on the topic.