Publication of Tender for 290 Housing Units in Gilo

16 December 2020
ILA Announces Tender for 290 Housing Units in Gilo
Today, the Israel Land Authority published a tender for the construction of 290 housing units in the existing built-up area of the Gilo neighborhood/settlement. The plan (TPS 400812) was approved by the District Committee in November 2019. The tender will be opened for bidding on December 28.

While the plan will not expand the neighborhood outwards, it is designated for an area directly along the planned route of the Jerusalem Light Rail currently under construction, which will significantly ease access between Gilo and West Jerusalem.
In addition to the publication of the tender, there have been other settlement-related developments for Gilo over the past few weeks.

New Plan for 253 Housing Units in Gilo
A new plan (TPS 739912) for 253 housing units, initiated by a private landowner, will be discussed for the first time at the District Planning Committee on December 21. If constructed, the plan will expand the Gilo neighborhood/settlement southward towards Beit Jala.

Advancement of Plan for 464 Housing Units in Gilo
A plan designated for urban renewal within the built-up area of Gilo calls for the total of 464 housing units to replace 116 existing apartments (in other words an addition of 348 units). Objections to the plan were submitted by Gilo residents and scheduled to be discussed at the District Planning Committee on January 4, 2021. Discussion of objections will constitute the final stage before the plan's approval.