Jerusalem District Committee To Discuss On Tuesday A Detailed Outline Plan For 570 Housing Units In Har Homa E

September 21, 2020
The Jerusalem District Committee is scheduled to discuss tomorrow (Tuesday, September 22nd) a detailed outline plan (TPS 285411) for 570 housing units in part of Har Homa E.

The plan is for an area of 27.6 dunams in the northwest of the area known as Har Homa E which is to expand the Har Homa settlement westwards (see map below).  After being frozen for many years, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced its advancement during his reelection campaign late February, along with the masterplan for the whole of Har Homa E, a huge tender for 1,077 housing units in Givat Hamatos, and two plans for a total of 3,400 housing units in E1.

If realized, Har Homa E together with construction in Givat Hamatos will connect Har Homa to Gilo creating a contiguous Israeli settlement area that will disconnect East Jerusalem from Bethlehem and the south of the West Bank.

Plan 285411 was discussed in February 2020 and it is now coming to the District Committee for approval of deposit. The plan was modified and is now in an enlarged scope of 570 housing units, compared to 300 housing units in the original version of the plan.

In May, the District Committee approved the masterplan for the whole of Har Homa E for 2,200 housing units on an area of 440 dunams. Approval of a masterplan does not enable construction which can only happen once detailed outline plans are approved. TPS 285411 is the first detailed outline plan being advanced for part of the area of Har Homa E.

The area of Har Homa E is marked by a purple circle at the lower part of this map. TPS 285411 is locted at its northwestern corner
Status of the different plans mentioned in this alert:
Plan Housing Units Status
Har Homa E Masterplan 2,200 housing units Approved in May
TPS 285411 – northwest part of Har Homa E 570 housing units Scheduled for discussion on September 22nd at the District Committee
Givat Hamatos tender 61/2020 1,077 housing units Scheduled to open on November 2nd
E1 plans 420/4/7 & 420/4/10 3,400 housing units Objection period ended on August 28th