How Palestinian Families are Forced Out of their Homes

Private settler organizations serve as the executive arm of the State in settling Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem.
Settlers enjoy a close relationship with Israel’s General Custodian, which assumes ownership of the assets of Israeli citizens who die intestate and other properties that come into possession of the state by law.  By assuming control of trusts connected to original Jewish property owners – to whom the settlers frequently have no personal or professional connection – they are able to acquire land and property from the General Custodian. The Custodian often favors and provides direct support to the settlers in their efforts.  Link here for today’s article in Haaretz and link here for Ir Amim’s seminal report, Shady Dealings in Silwan, particularly useful for understanding the current situation in Batan al-Hawa, where the General Custodian has conveyed two parcels of land to the Ateret Cohanim settler organization. Ateret Cohanim is subsequently waging a full scale campaign to evict some 88 – 100 Palestinians from their homes.
As another example, the Sub Laban family of the Muslim Quarter, which has been battling eviction efforts by settlers and Israel’s General Custodian for decades, returned to its home after a brief family vacation. Family members were astonished to find that large holes had been punched through the walls of their home. Settlers had entered the adjacent apartment about two weeks ago after evicting the Sub Labans’ Palestinian neighbor.
This is what the settler takeover of East Jerusalem looks like: an enterprise aimed at consolidating control of all of the neighborhoods in and around the Old City, eroding the possibility of a future political resolution in Jerusalem.
It should be noted that Ahmad Sub Laban, a family member, serves as a field researcher for Ir Amim.
See footage of the holes made in the walls of the Sub Laban family’s home: