New Touristic Settlement Projects Further Linking West Jerusalem with Silwan

As part of the intensifying belt of settlement activity in and around the Old City, there has been a recent burst in touristic settlement projects in the area of Gei Ben Hinnom/Wadi Rababe as well as developments within Silwan illustrated in Ir Amim’s updated map below, offering a zoomed-in perspective of the space. While a small section of Gei Ben Hinnom/Wadi Rababe is situated in West Jerusalem, the remaining portion is located in East Jerusalem adjacent to Abu Tur and Silwan.
Further blurring the Green Line, these projects are being implemented around the vicinity of the planned cable car recently approved (#31 on the map), which will together create a more seamless link between West Jerusalem and particularly Silwan and divert tourist traffic from its traditional routes via Jaffa and Damascus Gates:
  • Approximately two months ago, the Elad settler organization opened a new cultural center, “A House in the Valley – the Center for Music and Culture” (marked B on the map) replete with an on-site restaurant strategically located between the Palestinian neighborhoods of At-thuri and Silwan along the seam between East and West Jerusalem. The read more
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